Thursday, December 15, 2005

It is cold!

Thesedays, It is getting colder. I wondered if it snows in Shiga, but it doesn't actually. The day before yesterday, a parcel arrived at my apartment. My mother sent some vegetables and rice to me. I was glad that my mother sent them for me. However, I have a problem. I thought that I will go back to Shiga as soon as the winter break starts. I wonder if I could eat them by the winter break... It is insignificant thing...

Friday, December 09, 2005

alumni meeting 2

Recently, I heard that there are another reunion January 8th. All students who graduated from elementary school in 1998 will come to it. When I heard this from my friend, I was confused and I wonder why this reunion is held. On the prevvious post, I wrote about the junior high school students reunion. I think we can meet even in the junior high school students reunion, because we went to the same school. I don't want to say bad thing about it, but I think it is waste of money...
So, I told other friends about the elementary school students reunion. They were really cunfused as well as me. Moreover, they have the same opinion as mine. I don't decide whether I go to the reunion or not yet.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

I'm in Shiga. Yesterday, I went back here. It is colder than in Osaka. I was surprised at differnce of temperature between Shiga and Osaka.
Today, I read comments about the previous post on my blog before I post this. Then, I found an American student's comment. He studies Japanese in Shiga. I was very surprised. He asked me to send e-mail if I wanted to talk to him, so I was interested in him and sent him e-mail. I was afraid that he forgot me because he wrote comment on my blog in July. I wonder if he remember me. I hope that he remember me and send me e-mail again. I want to make friends with him. I have to wait for his e-mail.

Friday, November 25, 2005


A week ago, I got iPod. I was very happy!! However, I can't use it now because my iPod is in my house in Shiga. My mother bought it for me. Whenever I went back to my house, I said to her " I want iPod". At first, she ignored or said to me only "No!!" After that, about 10 days ago, suddenly she asked me if I really wanted iPod. Of course, I answered "yes". I couldn't understand why she decided to buy one to me. That is my mystery still now. Anyway, I am overflowing with joy and I want to use it early. However, I wonder if I can use it properly because I spend a lot of time to understand how to use machine. I'm afraid that I might break it.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

news about alumni meeting

Recently, a card was sent to my house in Shiga. The card was about alumni meeting. I heard that all students who graduated from junior highshcool in 2001 are going to have the meeting in a hotal after adult ceremony.When I heard that, I don't want to join the meeting, because I hate to be in crowded place. Moreover, I have a big problem. It is that I have to pay 10,000 yen!! I was very surprised. It is too expensive!! However, I want to meet friends because I haven't seen them for long time. I asked my friend if she will go to the meeting on the phone. She couldn't decide to go or not as well as me. She also worries about the cost and she thought it is too expensive. We talked about the meeting for 20 minutes, but we could not determine that we go to the meeting. WHAT SHALL I DO !?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Today, my group had presentation. We talked about Ethiopia. I was very nervous because I spoke first. In presentation, I introduced two people, the Karo and The Mursi. In the Lower Omo Valley, there are many unique tribes except the Karo and The Mursi. I could not introduce other tribes in presentation, so here is other tribes in the Lower Omo Valley.
The Hamer cultivate vegetables,tobacco and cotton and keep goats and cattles. The number of them is around 30,000. Their diet is wild honey. They are known for hairstyle. The women mix animal fat with ochre and rub the mixture on their hair to create bronze colored hairstyle. Moreover, every accessory which they wear has meaning. For example, earrings represent that the number of wives who a man have.
Next, the Surma. The number of them is about 40,000. They are separated into three groups:the Chai,tirma and Bale. They put on white body painting like ghost. They do the body painting to scare enemies in battle, not to shoew thier beauty. This point is different from other tribes.
I thought that Ethiopia is interesting country because it has lots of nature and culture. Another countries in Africa have unique and interesting culture and history. African countries are very attractive.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Today's presentation

I really enjoyed listening to today's presentation. Both group chose good topics about the countries which they had to stady about. I thought the most interesting topics is flags. Both countries' flag( Botswana and Ghana) reflects relationship between people, independence and so on. Marriage style in Botswana was also interesting. I was surprised that Uncles are more important than couple's parents and that they give some advice to groom and bride. Both group talked about various topics, so I could understand the countries. Both group's lecture was benefical to everyone, of course to me.
Next Wednesday, my group have presentation. I have to prepare for presentation and practice.